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Vele extra mogelijkheden voor groepen
Uitstekende catering (top barbeque)
Diverse mogelijke vertrekhavens
Dagtochten (met voor- of naovernachtingen)
Meerdaagse tochten
Eigen samengestelde programma's of bestaande arrangementen.

Zeer geschikt voor groepen.

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Een schip boeken voor 2011 kan nu al.
Snel boeken heeft zin. Boek nu uw schip voor een zeiltocht op het IJsselmeer voor de prijs van 2010.


Sailing in Holland

on IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea.
You can rent one of the beautiful traditional sailing ships that sail across the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea in Holland.
You will combine the sporty sailing with relaxation, fun, culinary joy, culture, team building, etc.

All kinds of ships

We will look for a ship that will meet your needs.  
Whether large or small groups, day trips or longer trips, with or without catering,  we will find a ship that will suit your group and your requirements.
For very large groups, more ships will be offered, which gives the opportunity for competition!

Ships all have a skipper and sailor

The ships all have an experienced skipper and sailor.
You, as a crew, will be invited to help to raise and lower  the sails, steer, navigate, etc,  under the expert guidance of the skipper and sailor. You do not have sailing experience!

Safety first!
Safety is always first! They are subject to strict inspection and meet all necessary and mandatory safety requirements.


You can decide your own route, in consultation with the skipper and depending on wind and weather. Or you can choose one of our suggestions. The skippers know the area and the possibilities very well and are happy to give you good advice.  

Additional possibilities

Addiotional options are always possible, such as workships, live musicians aboard with famous sailor songs, etc. The possibilities are endless and we gladly will help you organize.

Place of departure
The many ships in the Netherlands all have their own base with its own charms and possibilities. Ships depart for example from Amsterdam, Harlingen, Monnickendam, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Lemmer, etc.

You can provide your own catering and use the fully equipped kitchen of a ship. In that case, it is in the good ship-tradition that the skipper and sailor will be your guests!
You can also decide to take it real easy, and let us take care of an excellent catering for you!

For who?

For everyone!
Raising the sails together, the feeling of freedom gives enormous inspiration and good mood!
Our trips are particularly suitable for company outings, meetings with friends, family reunions, birthdays, parties,  school trips, etc.
A real boost for your business or family and friends!

Just do it!
We take care of  your complete sailing trips.
This site gives you already a lot of information about the possibilities.
Of course you can always contact us for additional information.
We will meet your requirements if possible!

Welcome aboard!


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